Making moves with Python in Houdini

General / 15 August 2019

In an attempt to learn more of the Python side of Houdini I decided to try to create a piece of work that used a data set that you couldn't use in vanilla Houdini. After watching a few Entagma tutorials I decided to take a model and do some motion graphics in time to music.

Python allows you to manipulate data outside of what can be done in VEX. As there is almost an endless number of libraries available to use. This meant that I could take a .WAV file and convert it into Houdini detail attributes using the hou package.

Once I had the data as attributes the infinite possibilities of Houdini allowed me to drive the motion from that data. The most difficult part was getting the correct point in the musics data to match the correct frame.

The final result can be seen on YouTube (below) and the .hdalc file is shared on GitHub if you want to see how it's done.

I look forward to being able to apply what I leant doing this little exercise to larger projects in the future.

.WAV to attributes hda: